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Pallet Wall for under $30

Hello all!

In this post I am going to talk about my baby.. my pièces de résistance… my pallet wall.

I have always wanted to do this and we finally made it a reality.

Here is the before and after to really get your creative juices flowing.


LIES, that can’t be the same room..

BUT. IT. IS. And here’s how we did it.

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Wood Platters for Wedding

Did you have to cut down a tree and want to re-purpose it into something new?

If you answered yes to that question then this blog post is for you!

Find out how you can turn fresh cut wood into a food safe platter!

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Jute Wrapped Letters (Wedding Decor)

Hi everyone!

I have been on a blog hiatus due to an injury and wedding planning, but don’t worry, now that the wedding has passed I will be writing about all of the things that I made for our big day!

This post explains how I made these fun and cheap wrapped letters for our wedding!

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2×4 Deck Planter 

If you have a bunch of 2×4 scraps (make your fiancé) build a cute herb garden!

Or be a strong indenpendent woman and build it yourself 😉

We had a bunch of scraps lying around so Andrew pretended he was an architect and drew up some plans. 

I didn’t see the whole building process so I can’t give you a ton of information but it’s basically two 2x4s on the bottom and two on each side. He then he cut the legs on an angle so that it would sit off the floor and keep the deck dry. He used pocket holes in the 2x4s to keep the outside nice and smooth! 

I painted it with the same color of our deck and planted some herbs this morning. 

I planted lavender, parsley, rosemary, basil and oregano!

I know, I know.. 

My parsley isn’t looking too happy but it grew from seeds in the middle of winter so I’m just impressed that it lived!  Hopefully it will be happier now that it gets more sun! 

Not exactly a flip project but definitely a good use of all the spare wood! 

Shed update

Make your shed go from “There’s gotta be like 400 spiders living in there”


“Those 400 spiders did a really great job with the exterior”

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Improve Curb Appeal by Painting Shutters


See how we refurbished our old shutters and improved our curb appeal for under $50.

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Trim paint

Add a little trim paint and make your exterior POP!

WOW that’s a pretty boring facade.

(The one on the top looks pretty dreary.. It was a much sunnier day and the trees began growing back when I took the photo on the bottom, but you get the point..)

Let me start by saying we are not entirely sure what color our house is painted.

Its a mix between a gray, light green, tan or blue. There’s nothing I hate more than a color that I can’t figure out (Remember my manila bathroom?)

In this picture it looks more light green to me and just to make matters worse, our shutters are a pale blue and our front door is red.



Really gives you the warm fuzzies, huh?

I would LOVE nothing more than to re-side our house or at least have it re-painted. However, I do not have $10,000 lying around.

So, the next best option was to SHOW you what color this is. I decided to create a whole new color pallet for the house which you can read about in my Shed Update post!

Essentially, I would use black and white to help bring out the color of the house and trick your eye into seeing just one color instead of our current blue/green/gray mess.

I went to the hardware store and bought a pint of Benjamin Moore Exterior paint in Simply White. I followed the natural trim lines that the house already had in place and layered on two coats of the white paint.

Oh My God.

The house is


This trim paint changed the entire look of our front entry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I’m angry that I did not do it sooner.

Additionally, we hung some black planters and put up our new entryway sign. The planters were originally white but I thought it could use a little more contrast so I spray painted them black to match our future shutters! 

Now we have a gray house with black shutters and a red door! No more confusion!

I will be posting about our shutters soon!

Hanging Entryway Sign

Do you order things from Amazon every single day?

Do delivery drivers have a hard time finding your house number?

Well, this post can only fix one of those problems.

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Personalized Wedding Hangers


It has been a while.. I know.

I have been picking up extra hours at work and working on some wedding planning so I apologize for being MIA.


This is not exactly I home project but I took one thing and made it into another in an inexpensive way soooo, close enough.

Here is an explanation for how to make personalized wedding hangers for yourself and your bridesmaids!

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Mason Jar Organizer


I have been MIA for a little bit so I could pick up some extra shifts at work. Gotta make that extra money for my DIY projects (but mostly for a wedding), ya know?

So, here I will show you how I made my mason jar bathroom organizers!

There are tons of tutorials and pictures of these on Pinterest so I knew I had to try this out some day. A lot of the ones you see online have a couple mason jars attached to a plank of wood but, I wanted to make three separate pieces that I could move around the room if I wanted to.

I found these 3 coat hangers at Target for $14.

I removed the hooks (we plan to use those at a later date) and got all of my supplies together.

You will need:

  • Something to mount the mason jars on
  • Adjustable pipe clamps
  • Pint size mason jars
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Small screws
  • Sea glass spray paint
  • Brushed nickel spray paint

First, I set up a makeshift spray paint area in my basement because it is currently freezing in New England and I couldn’t go outside. I prepared myself and my basement and got to work.


I don’t know about you but I don’t consider qtips to be decorative, so, I decided to frost the glass. I sprayed the mason jars with the sea glass spray paint and they came out beautifully opaque.

I also sprayed the adjustable pipe clamps with brushed nickel spray paint so that they weren’t so harsh and they would match the fixtures in the bathroom.

Lastly, I took a little bit of brown acrylic paint and painted the inside boxes of the wood so that they matched a little better with the dark vanity.

Once all of the paint dried I attached the pipe clamps by centering them and using a screw driver to secure them through the clamp. This definitely takes a little bit of elbow grease so roll up those sleeves. 

I then fed each mason jar through the clamp and tightened them with a flat head screwdriver.

I knew the jars would cover up the holes from the previous coat hangers and I was very happy with how polished they looked!

The hangers came with hardware so they were very easy to hang as well. 

I centered them on the side near our sink and filled them with the items that we use most often. 

These cute organizers look much better than our previous plastic cup that was holding our tooth brushes!

Here is a larger view photo of our bathroom where you can see the mason jars on the far wall.

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