Do you enjoy doing laundry? ….No

Do you enjoy doing laundry in a dark outdated space? ….Double no

Do you enjoy doing laundry in a light filled, bright and fun space? ….Still no BUT it may make laundry more tolerable.

Here is a quick laundry room update you can do in a day.

In our new house the laundry room is nestled between the hallway and a guest bathroom. It is completely visible when you walk up the stairs and you end up seeing it every day whether you like it or not. However, I must say that it is fantastic to have the laundry room on our 2nd floor. I knew that I needed to do something quick and simple to revive this dark space.

Here is the before photo of the laundry space:


Meh. The photo quality is pretty poor but it doesn’t help that it is a dark closet-like area. Honestly, the space is pretty odd so I just wanted to brighten it up and make it look like it’s suppose to be there.

Here is the after photo:


Ta-Da! Don’t you want to do laundry now???

Still no. But, I don’t mind looking at it now!

So, first things first I took off the ugly light that was glued to the underside of the shelf. It was weird and I’m not really sure what purpose it served? Who needs to see the bottom of their washing machine anyways?

I also removed the odd plastic pieces that were screwed into the wood and shelves. These plastic pieces were left by the previous owners and served no purpose.

I began by using KILZ Latex Multi-surface Stainblocker Primer ($8.30/qt). I did two coats of the primer on all of the dark wood. I rarely use painters tape (I prefer to just slowly use an angled 2 inch Purdy paintbrush but I taped off a couple areas with painters tape so that it could be a little quicker due to all of the weird angles). Initially, I was planning on removing the two strips of wood on the walls but, they were secured with a nail gun and I feared that I would ruin the wall by ripping them off. Who knows.. maybe I will add another shelf someday..

So, I did two coats of the primer, letting each one dry in between and then I used my newest obsession – Benjamin Moore Advanced Paint. We purchased this paint to re-do our cabinets in our kitchen and I have been using it for most of our projects. However, it can be pretty expensive. It’s around 50$ a gallon but I absolutely LOVE how it looks so polished and clean and it is VERY durable. The paint is self leveling and a small amount really goes a long way – not exactly the most “frugal” part of this re-do but its what we had on hand so I used it and I think that is frugal in itself (use what you already have!). You could use any latex paint on top of the primer. We always use satin finish on our shelving and cabinets, I think it really helps make it look more “expensive”.

After letting the paint dry I realized that this project needed a bit more fun. So, I grabbed some old matte wrapping paper I had lying around and I decided that I would do a fake wallpaper of sorts. I pretended that I was in grade school making paper mâché. I used some matte Mod Podge ($5) as an adhesive. I cut the paper into a straight strip and cut it to size to fit the wall. I did the side to the left of the exhaust tube so that if I messed it up it wouldn’t have been the entire wall and I could cover it with a big plant or a large container of my tears.. either one would do.

So, I coated the space where the paper would go very liberally with the Mod Podge and then quickly placed the paper down and used a credit card to smooth out any bubbles and creases. Then, I covered the top of of the paper with another coat of Mod Podge. (I use a super crappy paint brush for my Mod Podge, the cheaper the better, because it will totally ruin a good brush). It came out okay so I decided I would do the rest of the wall. I debated covering the entire wall in this paper but I chose to just keep it simple and I’m not gonna lie, I was not about to line up all of those stupid little patterns.


I let that dry and moved onto a little bit of decorating.

I found those two massive jugs at Goodwill. They still had the stickers on them from Joanne Fabrics that said $29.99. I repeat… $29.99

I stole them for $5 each. Consignment stores can be a little sketchy sometimes but just keep the Purell handy and get ready for some deals.

This is an actual photo of me at Goodwill.


I took our laundry detergent out of the ugly container and filled those glass babies up. I bought fake sunflowers at the dollar store and a container to hold them at Goodwill for $2. I mounted our steamer on one of the wood planks and put our iron in the little alcove on the side.

Lastly, I cleaned out the inside of the overhead light fixture and it really made the space much brighter. No need for a new bulb!

This redo was done in a day and it really has such a positive impact on on the hallway and upstairs area! So go to a consignment store and find some cute shit to put in your laundry room.