I recently gave our Master bathroom a much needed face lift and one of the most noticeable changes was the counter top. We didn’t have the money to get a new custom fitted stone counter top so I figured I would attempt painting it.

And here’s how it came out!


My initial idea was to spray paint the top with faux stone and then cover it in a glossy finish. As I was spraying it, it looked absolutely terrible. It looked as though I sprayed fake sand on counter and I realized I made a huge mistake.

Then, I decided that I was going to fix this and make a faux granite type look. I researched a lot and found a couple good blogs that I would attempt re-creating.

Lets just say.. it looked HORRIBLE, actually worse than it looked before. So, after I swallowed my pride, I completely changed the idea and went with something much more basic.

Spoiler alert: I will be showing you my counter top fail as long as you don’t judge me too much.

Here is my counter top before:

It was a tan, marbled laminate that has seen much better days..

So, first I taped off everything that I didn’t want my faux stone spray paint to touch.

I began spraying the faux stone spray paint and absolutely hated it. I covered the whole counter top in the tan stone/sand and I panicked. It looked like I covered the counter top in cheap playground sand. It could not stay that way. I was so embarrassed I didn’t take a photo.

So, I then had the brilliant idea that I would make the counter look like a faux granite. I found a bunch of people who had done this project successfully and it actually looked legit. I followed their directions perfectly and my bathroom looked like a crime scene. The blogs explained that you would get 5-6 different colors. To mimic the granite gradient you would use a sea sponge and dab the colors all over the top until they all blended nicely.

I got less than halfway through when I decided hat there was no way that I was going to do this.

My bathroom looked like a crime scene and I was flipping out.

Here is the hideous result.

Oh my god it’s as bad as I remember it.

I was near tears by this point. (You can see my splotchy sand spray paint underneath, which now looked beautiful compared to my poop covered counter)

It reminds me of a lot of things.. I won’t get too graphic but I’m sure you would agree.


Okay, now that I am completely defeated and never want to attempt a DIY project again…

I decided I would paint the counter tops white. I would get rid of all fecal references and it would be stark white and beautiful.

So, I let the poop paint dry and I went to bed.

In the morning I got to work covering my god awful counter in the thickest coats of KILZ stain blocking primer. Honestly, I had to do around 4-5 coats until you truly couldn’t see the dots.

However, I encountered yet another problem… I used the sponge to apply the dots and now you could still see a bunch of raised spots all over my white counter. I don’t know if I could take any more disappointment with this bathroom.


So, I began the process of sanding down the counter top. UGH will this project ever end?

FINALLY. I got the counter nice and smooth and covered in primer.

I then painted it with Benjamin Moore Advance Paint in Simply White, semi-gloss. I did two coats of this paint and let it dry overnight. The next day I applied 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic in gloss. And they came out beautifully.

There are a couple of small fragments of dust that made their way into the protective coating but, anything is better than that mess I had before.

Here is the counter now!

I applied the polycrylic finish with a smooth 1/4in nap roller and an angled paintbrush in the crevices. I finished off the sink area with a new coat of white caulking.

I am a bit nervous about how this will hold up over time but I will keep you updated!

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