Do you have a plain old bathroom that you want to spruce up?

With a little paint and some great finds at Goodwill you can transform your boring bathroom to a serene oasis.

The previous homeowners must have said “Honey, I want a color that is really plain and monotone… I want our whole bathroom to be the color of filing folders!”

And here you have it, our manila bathroom.

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My plan was to paint the walls, update the counters, paint the cabinets and add some fun decor.

I started by doing the counters. You can read and see my terrible struggle in this post Bathroom Countertop Reno Without Demo.  Long story short, I waned to spray paint the counters with faux stone and it came out absolutely terrible.  So, then I decided to make them look like granite, and that looked EVEN WORSE.  Maybe I shouldn’t have added the link to the other post because it is actually heinous to look at…I apologize in advance.

So, I ended up painting them by hand and sealing them with polycrylic ($13.47).

Here are the results – glossy and beautiful.


Then, I taped off some of the fixtures we already had in the bathroom in order to help save some money.  Previously, they were a rusted metal color.  So, I sprayed them with brushed nickel spray paint ($5.39) to match our faucet and hardware.

I then moved onto the cabinets and painted those with BEHR Paint and Primer in Havana Coffee ($27). You can read the full post here Paint your bathroom vanity. The cabinets looked absolutely beautiful.  So rich and warm, I just want to snuggle up to them.


Here’s how they came out!


Next, I painted the walls a beautiful color.  I LOVE it more than I can describe.  The photos don’t do it justice.  The color is Morning Zen by BEHR ($27).  It is a mix of sea foam green and grey and it is to die for. It gives ME some serious morning zen.


After that I worked on some decor.

I purchased two small white floating shelves at Target for $14.99.

I went to Goodwill and purchased various baskets/vases (photo below) all for $27.


I painted the tall basket with the the same paint that I used for the cabinets and I spray painted the gold wire piece white. (You can read about these more in depth in my post Goodwill Quick Flips) Here is the result! JUST LIKE MAGIC.




I centered those babies and put them behind the toilet.

I could hear the toilet paper crying “Thank you for taking us off the floor!!“.. or maybe that was just the polycrylic fumes getting to me..

I then hung the floating shelves and added a couple of vases filled with sea glass and some of the items I bought from Goodwill.  I found a container of sea glass at Target for $4.99. The thrifty person inside me would love to have found my own sea glass over the years but that would be A LOT of effort and were an hour and a half from the beach. So, Target it is…

We purchased a new mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99 and hung that over the sink. It matches the faucet and light fixture and adds the perfect amount of sparkle.

Lastly, I made mason jar holders (which I will explain in a post soon) and hung those on the side of the sink.

Here you have it.. Our finished bathroom that doesn’t look like a filing cabinet anymore!

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This makes me very excited to paint the walls in some other rooms in our house because let me tell you… there is a lot of beige going on.

TOTAL COST: $159.83