This post will be regularly updated to show quick face lifts that I have done to pieces from Goodwill/consignment stores.

Cheesy elephants to Minnie Mouse

I purchased this coat rack for $2 at Goodwill and knew that I could make it usable.

The elephants were hand painted  on a wood backing and had a glossy finish so I sanded down the surface first.

The pegs unscrewed, so I removed them and spray painted them with a heavy duty black glossy enamel spray paint that was designed for coating heat resistant auto parts (that’s all we have in the garage when your Dad is a mechanic). Normally, I would have just used regular spray paint but I was being especially cheap.

I spray painted those and they felt like they were covered in some sort of shiny chrysalis of tar. Maybe I should use this stuff more often….

I then painted the background with white acrylic paint (sort of a makeshift primer to cover the elephants)

I then used the $0.99 acrylic paint from the craft store in colors that matched Minnie Mouse. I painted the pink first and let that dry for a while. Then, I painted the border and my cousin’s name in black acrylic. I wrote out the font in pencil first (I’m not that steady believe me).

Then, I took a circular foam paint brush and dipped it in white paint and stamped on the circles in a haphazard pattern. Those needed two coats.

Lastly, once the paint dried, I sprayed the whole thing with a polyurethane coating and that’s it! Very inexpensive birthday gift for a sweet little 2 year old lady.

Bathroom Decor

I purchased all of the items in the photo below (left) at Goodwill for $27.

I was renovating the bathroom in our bedroom and wanted a couple things to put on the walls that were cheap and unique. So, from the photo below, I took the tall wicker shelves on the left and the gold wire piece on the right (very difficult to see in the photo).

I was repainting the kitchen cabinets dark brown, so I took the same paint that I used on the cabinets and a crappy paint brush and I very roughly painted over the light brown wicker. I did one coat and it covered perfectly. I didn’t want it to be perfect. I then used two screws and centered the piece above the toilet. (The paint was BEHR Interior Paint & Primer in Havana Coffee, Semi Gloss)

For the gold piece, I used Rust-Oleum spray paint in Blossom White in satin. I just added 3 coats of spray paint and called it a day. This gold piece was actually a basket that expanded and opened up. So, I compressed it and hot glued the pieces down to use it as wall decor. I’m not in love with the finish and how it appears a bit dull on the wall but I may change it at a later date. I think it may look better if I used high gloss spray paint. But, for now it works for me!