See how a little paint can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom!

Our Master bathroom is quite plain…

Painfully plain.

Someday we will gut the whole thing, change the configuration and make it completely new.. But, for now, we are saving for a wedding and a huge project is not in the cards for us. So, here’s our best shot at a pretty bathroom for the time being.

I have painted cabinets before as you can read about in this post Paint your kitchen cabinets and live to tell the tale. These were much smaller so I figured I could do this easily!

Here you can see our cabinets are natural wood covered with some sort of stain/coating.

I planned on painting these cabinets a dark brown to try to offset the manila color of the floor tiles which we would not be changing.

I did a very rough sanding of them with some 100 grit sandpaper and put a layer of KILZ stain blocking primer and let that dry overnight. In the picture below you can see that we painted the counter top as well which really helps to brighten up the room. You can read about that project here: Painting Laminate Counters. I planned on changing the hinges on the first two cabinet doors. The current hinges were around 30 years old and we had some left over from our kitchen update!

After the primer dried I did two coats of BEHR Paint and primer, semi gloss in Havana Coffee. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! So rich and warm I just want to snuggle up up them.


I used a XL Purdy paintbrush and used big even strokes to keep from getting too many paint brush lines.

I had purchased new knobs at Home Depot for around $15. They look very sleek and they really modernize the space.

I put small little foam bumpers behind each of the doors and we were good to go!


Pretty cabinets that look as good as new!

I will keep you updated on how they hold up over time.

See the full bathroom update here: Bathroom update