I have been MIA for a little bit so I could pick up some extra shifts at work. Gotta make that extra money for my DIY projects (but mostly for a wedding), ya know?

So, here I will show you how I made my mason jar bathroom organizers!

There are tons of tutorials and pictures of these on Pinterest so I knew I had to try this out some day. A lot of the ones you see online have a couple mason jars attached to a plank of wood but, I wanted to make three separate pieces that I could move around the room if I wanted to.

I found these 3 coat hangers at Target for $14.

I removed the hooks (we plan to use those at a later date) and got all of my supplies together.

You will need:

  • Something to mount the mason jars on
  • Adjustable pipe clamps
  • Pint size mason jars
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Small screws
  • Sea glass spray paint
  • Brushed nickel spray paint

First, I set up a makeshift spray paint area in my basement because it is currently freezing in New England and I couldn’t go outside. I prepared myself and my basement and got to work.


I don’t know about you but I don’t consider qtips to be decorative, so, I decided to frost the glass. I sprayed the mason jars with the sea glass spray paint and they came out beautifully opaque.

I also sprayed the adjustable pipe clamps with brushed nickel spray paint so that they weren’t so harsh and they would match the fixtures in the bathroom.

Lastly, I took a little bit of brown acrylic paint and painted the inside boxes of the wood so that they matched a little better with the dark vanity.

Once all of the paint dried I attached the pipe clamps by centering them and using a screw driver to secure them through the clamp. This definitely takes a little bit of elbow grease so roll up those sleeves. 

I then fed each mason jar through the clamp and tightened them with a flat head screwdriver.

I knew the jars would cover up the holes from the previous coat hangers and I was very happy with how polished they looked!

The hangers came with hardware so they were very easy to hang as well. 

I centered them on the side near our sink and filled them with the items that we use most often. 

These cute organizers look much better than our previous plastic cup that was holding our tooth brushes!

Here is a larger view photo of our bathroom where you can see the mason jars on the far wall.