It has been a while.. I know.

I have been picking up extra hours at work and working on some wedding planning so I apologize for being MIA.


This is not exactly I home project but I took one thing and made it into another in an inexpensive way soooo, close enough.

Here is an explanation for how to make personalized wedding hangers for yourself and your bridesmaids!

I made my hanger using metal floral wire and made the bridesmaid’s out of twine/rope wrapped floral wire.

First, get yourself some hangers. I got a 10 pack of wooden hangers at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $9.99Β img_6133.jpg

Next, yank off the bottom bar. This was actually pretty easy to do with your hands and a little brute strength.. hence why they were $9.99 for 10…

You are left with:


Now you will need somewhere to put the wire into.. So, I grabbed the power drill with a 5/8th bit and I drilled holes into the underside of each hanger. I did this on an angle so that when the wire is inserted, it will remain straight.

It should look like this:img_6136


Once I had my hangers all done I painted them with Milk Paint. I bought this a while ago and I have been looking for a reason to use it for some time. One of these will run you around $4.99. A bit more expensive but I wanted to try it out.

I’m sure you could also use regular acrylic paint.


I did a couple coats of this on the hangers and they looked nice but they still looked a bit streaky. So, I finished them off with a quick coat of white semi-gloss spray paint and they came out much more polished.

At the craft store I bought a bunch of 12 gauge floral wire. I wasn’t sure how much I needed so I got a lot. Each one of these is around $3.99 each for 3 meters. I ended up being able to make 2 names out of each 3 meters so I have some left over for other projects now!


Next, I got out a scrap piece of paper and traced one of the hangers so that I could see how much room I had to work with. With a pencil I wrote out the name in cursive and made sure that it fit well in the space. I continuously checked while I bent the wire to make sure that it would fit when I was done.

I used my hands and a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the wire into the correct shape. Sometimes it was hard to figure out how to create each name with one long piece of wire but thankfully I paid attention in elementary school.

Now when kids say…”when will we ever use cursive!?”

You can say, “Someday you will be cheap and you will make wedding hangers with your bare hands!”


After I molded the names I measured the length needed to fit the hanger and cut the wire with wire cutters. I then put a dollop of hot glue into the hole and pushed the end of the wire inside and held it in place while it dried.

I did this with each hanger and TA DA.

These things run for like $50 each on Etsy.

I spent around $40 for all of them together and finished them all in an afternoon.

I’m not going to lie, my hands were a little sore afterwards from bending the wire repeatedly but I could have easily used the needle nose pliers more to avoid that.

I can’t wait to see them in our wedding photos!