Do you order things from Amazon every single day?

Do delivery drivers have a hard time finding your house number?

Well, this post can only fix one of those problems.

Here is our front door.



Where in gods name are the house numbers?

I’ll wait for you to find them…

Good luck seeing those on an overcast day…

I knew I needed something a little bigger and prettier.

So, I went to Hobby Lobby (this was somehow my first time shopping there….OH MY GOD it was fantastic) and I bought a wooden plaque for around $12.


This is the back side of the plaque.. Sorry, I never got a photo of the front apparently.

I painted the plaque with black acrylic and covered it with a layer of finishing spray to help protect it from the weather.

I bought some large address numbers from Amazon for a couple dollars each. I was looking for something modern and clean and I was pretty happy with these! They are around 5 inches (12 cm) tall.


At Hobby Lobby I got this cute little bucket for $1. I also covered this in the finishing spray but I honestly don’t think I would mind if it started to “rust” over a little bit.


Once everything dried, I attached my numbers with some small screws and hot glue and my god these metal numbers got hot after the hot glue. Apparently, I forgot how physics works.


Once those were secure and my hands stopped burning I turned to the foliage.

I got these bad boys at HL as well. I wanted to get something that draped over the bucket. I ended up only using the lower portion.


Here’s the part that’s not so cute…

I should have gotten some of that foam that you use for floral design but I didn’t. So, I just used some hot glue and stuck it to the inside of the bucket and arranged it how I pleased.


It started to come together after a little while. Normally I would say less is more… But, in this case more is more. I needed to add a lot of foliage to make it look nice and full. The picture below was when I was around halfway done.


I attached the bucket with a small screw and some more hot glue and this time I remembered that metal is a good heat conductor.

Once all of that dried I took it outside and sprayed the inside of the bucket with a little insecticide to keep critters from making it their new home.

Andrew then screwed it into the clapboard for me and that’s it!


Now the delivery drivers should have no problem bringing me my hundreds all of of my packages.