Make your shed go from “There’s gotta be like 400 spiders living in there”


“Those 400 spiders did a really great job with the exterior”

As you have read in some of my other posts, I absolutely hate the color of our house. It is a mix between gray/blue/light green and I hate that I can’t figure it out.

Nothing is worse than a color that doesn’t know what it’s trying to be.

Our shed is no exception. The previous owners liked this “color scheme” so much that they painted the shed to match the house.

Weird light blue and gray/green.


Do you remember that blue/black dress that went viral not too long ago?


Is the shed gray with blue lace or tan with blue lace?

No one will ever know.

So, I decided to use black and white to help numb your senses into figuring out what the heck you’re looking at.


What color is the shed???



I bought Benjamin Moore Exterior paint in Simply White and Onyx. I followed the natural trim lines on the shed and painted those white and I painted the shutters and window boxes black.

The color didn’t know what it wanted to be so we made it choose. We gave it both sides of the color spectrum and made it pick something in between.

As long as it came out okay, my plan was to use the shed as a “practice run” for the color scheme for our whole house!

We added flowers to the window boxes and some plants to the front. This area is very shady so we will be adding mulch to the area surrounding. Our front yard has around 30 Hosta plants so we saved a good bit of money by digging out a couple of them and putting them around the perimeter of the shed to help hide the large gap on the left side.

The spiders loved the shed so much they came out to thank us.


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