Add a little trim paint and make your exterior POP!

WOW that’s a pretty boring facade.

(The one on the top looks pretty dreary.. It was a much sunnier day and the trees began growing back when I took the photo on the bottom, but you get the point..)

Let me start by saying we are not entirely sure what color our house is painted.

Its a mix between a gray, light green, tan or blue. There’s nothing I hate more than a color that I can’t figure out (Remember my manila bathroom?)

In this picture it looks more light green to me and just to make matters worse, our shutters are a pale blue and our front door is red.



Really gives you the warm fuzzies, huh?

I would LOVE nothing more than to re-side our house or at least have it re-painted. However, I do not have $10,000 lying around.

So, the next best option was to SHOW you what color this is. I decided to create a whole new color pallet for the house which you can read about in my Shed Update post!

Essentially, I would use black and white to help bring out the color of the house and trick your eye into seeing just one color instead of our current blue/green/gray mess.

I went to the hardware store and bought a pint of Benjamin Moore Exterior paint in Simply White. I followed the natural trim lines that the house already had in place and layered on two coats of the white paint.

Oh My God.

The house is


This trim paint changed the entire look of our front entry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I’m angry that I did not do it sooner.

Additionally, we hung some black planters and put up our new entryway sign. The planters were originally white but I thought it could use a little more contrast so I spray painted them black to match our future shutters! 

Now we have a gray house with black shutters and a red door! No more confusion!

I will be posting about our shutters soon!