If you have a bunch of 2×4 scraps (make your fiancé) build a cute herb garden!

Or be a strong indenpendent woman and build it yourself 😉

We had a bunch of scraps lying around so Andrew pretended he was an architect and drew up some plans. 

I didn’t see the whole building process so I can’t give you a ton of information but it’s basically two 2x4s on the bottom and two on each side. He then he cut the legs on an angle so that it would sit off the floor and keep the deck dry. He used pocket holes in the 2x4s to keep the outside nice and smooth! 

I painted it with the same color of our deck and planted some herbs this morning. 

I planted lavender, parsley, rosemary, basil and oregano!

I know, I know.. 

My parsley isn’t looking too happy but it grew from seeds in the middle of winter so I’m just impressed that it lived!  Hopefully it will be happier now that it gets more sun! 

Not exactly a flip project but definitely a good use of all the spare wood!