Hi everyone!

I have been on a blog hiatus due to an injury and wedding planning, but don’t worry, now that the wedding has passed I will be writing about all of the things that I made for our big day!

This post explains how I made these fun and cheap wrapped letters for our wedding!

First, I went to the craft store to buy some supplies. I purchased the cardboard letters for around $4.99 each. Jute rope for around $12. I used a lot of jute cord for the wedding so I bought a very large roll since I would be using it often! Additionally, I bought some fake green foliage that I could easily pull the leaves off of. I bought the greenery for around $6.

I decided that the letters would be wrapped in jute and the ampersand would have the greenery to break up the light brown color a bit. Since I wrapped the letters in jute I didn’t paint the letters first seeing that they were the same color.  I painted the ampersand a green color so that if the leaves didn’t cover completely you wouldn’t be able to see the brown anymore.

First things first, you need to do a little planning. Specifically, you will try to plan out how you will wrap the jute with the least amount of cuts to each strand. The more you cut the rope, the more areas you will have to glue down and  you risk it looking messy. I wanted all of the ends (except the bottoms) to be wrapped so the cardboard didn’t show so, I started by cutting multiple small pieces of rope and gluing them around the tops and insides of the letters as seen below.

Begin at either the top or bottom of the letters so that your first wrap is nice and flat. It wont lay perfectly flat because you will be wrapping around the pieces that you just cut. To keep it looking uniform, I wrapped the rope tightly around those areas and more loose once I was back onto the cardboard.

You will then begin the long monotonous task of wrapping the jute cord around the letters. After a couple wraps of the jute, add a dollop of hot glue on the cardboard to help secure the rope down just in case it were to unravel.

It should look something like this…

Thankfully, we have initials that are straight and easy to wrap. If your initials are more curved it may take more rope or you may need to cut more small pieces of rope to cover all of the areas.

After around 200,000 hours (give or take) wrapping the letters you’re ready to move onto the greenery letter. As I said before, you paint it a green that is similar to the leaves you purchased. The picture below is the backside of the letter after I had already glued on a bit of the leaves. Apparently I didn’t take a very good before photo…

Then, you will pull apart all of your leaves and lay them in a pile so you can easily glue them down one by one. Start by putting a dollop of hot glue and pressing the leaf down onto it.

I began at the top of the letter and worked my way down so that the leaves overlapped each other. The bottoms of the leaves were glued down and the tops rested on each other and looked more organic. I then took a step back and looked at the leaves and added more on top to cover any green areas that were showing and to help make it look more full.

Here is the final product!

They looked AMAZING!