Hey everyone!

My name is Vanessa and I currently work as a NICU Registered Nurse however, I like to think of myself and a self-proclaimed do it yourself-er, crafter and thrift shopper.

My fiance Andrew and I have been dating for over a decade and we recently got engaged and purchased our first home!

All of the ideas circulating in my head can finally become a reality.  That being said, I bring you to my mantra:

Never pay for something that you can do yourself.

I love taking old raggedy things and revitalizing them into something more modern and functional.People have always asked “How did you do that?” or “What kind of paint did you use?”. ┬áSo, welcome to my blog where I will explain our projects and talk about the successes, mistakes and how you can create your own frugal facelifts.

Stay cheap and chic,